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Aivopiru Pixel Portraits

Character Portraits, with brand new visual style! · By Aivopiru


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Stretch Goal # 1
We have introduced first stretch goal for Add-On pack As previously stated, to give current Add-On pack owners future content free of charge the asset pack pric...
Important note on Add-On Pack Downloads and future content
Greetings! Few of Add-On Pack owners have noted that their downloads were missing, the issue should now be resolved ( contact if you are still missing your Add-...
Next in line for Add-On pack
Greetings! As you may know, we soft-rebooted this Asset Pack this year (previous Add-On content is now labeled as Legacy-Pack which is still included inside cur...
Brand New Visual Style
Greetings, we have updated the pack once again! This got done somewhat quickly due being in quarantine, but new update for Add-On pack should be now available f...
2022: Refocus
Hello, it's been a while since last update! Let's talk about it. There have been many projects in the burner ( some new Asset Packs ) and it's been daunting to...
Update 3: Blanks
It's ben busy on all the different projects, so I made small update for this asset pack. Blanks purposefully well, blank, with grey shading for easy modifying...
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Where is the update?
Sorry that we are taking bit longer with lip-sync update for human character bases, it's been hectic past couple weeks. We are about to launch our first game: S...
Add-On pack update coming soon!
Add-On pack is getting small update in coming days! This is exclusive to Add-On pack, four human bases are getting lip-sync sprites, add more variation to your...
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Hello! Those are great but full set appears to be unavailable after purchase. is still the only...
started by kuncendorfs Jan 30, 2022
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